Where Ambition is Formed and Goals are Achieved.

Lady Perry Enterprise focuses on helping individuals and groups develop life maps that will help them live life better.  We share our passion for helping others through individual coaching, group coaching and by delivering powerful keynote and motivational speeches.  With so much time put into helping others we have found that the more we help the better we get at helping.  Welcome to the experience that will help you and others LIVE LIFE Better.

Why should our clients choose me?

Clients should choose me if they are ready to take action. 
My coaching is built around accountability and the client centered coaching methodology.
 I also have a proven track record when it comes to getting people where they want to go.


I'm Pertrice.
Nice to meet you!

I believe that a large part of who we are is inspired by interests outside of “the office.” When I am not working with my clients I am an avid researcher, pondering any topic that peaks my attention. Minimalism, tiny houses, bread-making, making cigars, the environment. Through open-mindedness, self-exploration with a strong emphasis on having fun, I find myself at my happiest, most content place.


 Create your best version
Individual coaching – just you and I on camera, on the phone or if you live in the Tampa FL area face to face. Book  CALL to learn more about how we can assist you.

The 8 week program. We connect once a week to strategically plan a way to help you create your absolute best life. You will receive text messages from me weekly to make sure that you are staying on track with your assignments and just making sure that you are good. 
A 12 week program where we help you strategically plan and maintain you living your Absolute Best Life . We meet twice a week. You will receive daily text messages from me making sure you are completing your assignments and generally doing well. You will also receive my e-book on becoming fearless. You are also invited to attend our annual mindful wellness retreat. 

Speaking engagements vary depending on the need. Keynote is 30 minutes or more.. just speaking is 10 minutes or less. Workshops 1 hour or more. Breakout room facilitator minimum of 30 minutes. 



What people are saying

S. Lewis

Her program has really got me looking at life with the glass half full. 

M. Townsend

We brought her in to coach a group of teenagers destined for greatness.  We were so impressed we asked her to come and speak at our freshman orientation for both kids and parents.  

T. Turskem

The first time I have ever heard the Title Life Coach I thought scammer.  Pertrice is most definitely not that. 


Lady Perry Enterprise decided to alter our focus after years of experience within the industry. We now share our passion of helping others by providing Motivational Speaking and Mentoring to a  variety of companies and individuals.